"Yaroslavskiy Shpon" company is producing rotary birch veneer in full compliance with GOST 99-96 (all union state standard).

We produce veneer according to the following standards:

- grade: I, II, III, IV; waney, piece

- length: 1300 mm to 2100 mm

- width: up to 1900 mm

- thickness: 1.3 mm to 1.8 mm

- veneer moisture: 4 to 6%

Our company is certified according to the standard of a chain of delivery FSC-C124882.


Addres: 11 Stroiteley Street, Tutaev city 152303, Yaroslavl region
Tel/Fax:(48533) 7-20-10
Tel/Fax:(48533) 7-35-50 (End product sales department)

INN : 7611022931         (Tax Identification Number)
OGRN: 1137611001571  (Primary State Registration Number)